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How to Sell Your Screenplay

This is a super long post that I wrote a month ago when I was still wondering whether to do this site. Please read it at this link on a Google drive.

The title is, admittedly, a bait and switch. Everybody wants to know how to sell their script, right? But in order to sell a script, you need to write one that people want to buy.

Typically, people skip this part.

I posted this on the reddit/screenwriting group, and on a couple of screenwriting places on Facebook, where a few people found it and liked it, but mostly it was ignored.

But I’ll tell you who did like it...literary managers!

I sent it to one lit manager I know and have kept in touch with, he loved it and shared it on some secret manager group where I heard from more than one more person, they loved it. They were like, totally agree.

Reminded me of this:

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